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Minicabs vs Black Cabs

Passengers arriving at Heathrow are often faced with the dilemma to choose between minicabs and black cab taxi services. Once a passenger decides to choose a private transfer over public means like tube or train, the next step would be to choose a particular mode of private transfer from the plentiful options available at Heathrow.

However passengers must remember that Heathrow has thousands of people travelling to and from the airport and therefore finding the right option must help bypass the crowd comfortably and yet assure prompt and relaxed service.

London black cabs at Heathrow are lined in large numbers right outside the terminal buildings. As passengers walk out of the arrivals lounge and these services can be availed on a first come, first serve basis. There is no booking required and can be hired with no hassle. Over the years, black cabs have built a strong reputation for themselves through excellent service and a sophisticated approach.

Minicabs on the other hand must be pre booked in advance to take passengers from one place to another. They offer Meet and Greet service, a provision through which passengers are greeted royally at the arrival lounge by their drivers holding placards. Drivers readily help with luggage and guide you through to where the taxi is parked. Throughout the journey, drivers share informative facts about London and engage you in conversations that make you feel at home.

Passengers while booking their minicab can pay the service charge using debit or credit card. This again is a great option if you fail to visit an exchange bureau at the airport. Minicab service charges are much lesser than that of black cabs and the split up of prices are also made visible to all passengers. There is no chance that passengers are paying too much as this system is 100% transparent. Additionally minicabs offer free light monitoring service, automatic rescheduling of pickup and drop off, wheelchair accessibility, comfortable seats and warm ambience.

All this said, when it comes to the comfort factor, minicabs and black cabs are strong contenders. The comfort and luxury of these private taxis cannot be matched by the public transport in London.

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