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Airport Currency Exchange

Securing good transaction rates for your currency is a vital step for when you are travelling abroad. While airports seem to be the most comfortable place for currency exchange, consumer experts warn you of a potential mammoth loss when you are doing so. Currency exchange kiosks at airports around the world are reviewed to offer poor deals to their “walk-up” customers.

Airports, in any part of the world must probably be your last choice for currency exchange. London Heathrow is the UK’s most advanced airport. It has all the facilities and the lavishness one can seek while travelling. It does not just lodge a few currency exchange bureaus with rigid rates but all its terminals offer more than one way to change your cash efficiently.

The most comfortable and efficient way to exchange cash at Heathrow is by ordering cash online. Passengers can order cash at a minimum of four hours before their travel and collect the cash at any one of the Heathrow terminals. Popular exchange bureaus such as Travelex and American Express offer these services at Heathrow. Passengers can browse through one of the exchange rate comparison sites and book their cash for the best possible rates.

Exchange bureaus are believed to offer a safe service with lower mark up rates online than to their direct customers. Currency bureaus are now also starting to offer free home delivery of the cash for a minimum of 500 pounds within the city limits. Advanced cash bookings are also helpful in cases where there may be a shortage of the requested currency.

A new entrant into the currency exchange market is the pre loaded currency card that works similar to debit cards. Not all currency exchange bureaus offer this service, however this facility is available at Heathrow. The pre loaded card has to be ordered online 7 days before and can be collected when you reach the airport for taking off. Alternatively a home delivery of the card can also be requested with your service provider. These prepaid cards are gaining quick popularity and are considered a very safe option.

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