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Heathrow Lost Property Contact

Travelling involves a lot of anxiety and thus the proactive attitude to handle it. Missing bags and documents while travelling is a common issue among passengers. But the experience of losing your property in an airport as huge as Heathrow and retracing it back can be nerve wracking. The Heathrow Lost Property service has been set up to handle all types of issues related to lost baggage. Read on to find out some easy ways that take you out of this bad situation.

The Lost Property service centres are located at Terminals 3 and 5 of Heathrow Airport. Personal assistance will be offered to you at these offices and you may be requested to fill out a few forms to retrace your baggage. However in most cases people flying out of the country lose their luggage at Heathrow, Reached their destination and then realise that their baggage has not reached with them. Do not panic. The Bagport Group at Heathrow operates Heathrow’s Lost Property very efficiently.

Passengers can locate and claim their luggage online irrespective of their location. The website www.missingx.com is an online database that registers all lost property from Heathrow. A lost item is registered in the database within 48 hours and is kept waiting to be claimed for up to 3 months. Once passengers trace their item, a matching process is done, followed by a form to be filled for couriering the item. This service costs a maximum of 20 pounds or less depending upon the size of the baggage.

Not all lost items are handed to the officials within 48 hours and therefore there are chances that you might not be able to track down your property through this website. If passengers are unable to locate their item on this website, they need to fill out an enquiry form at www.bagport.co.uk which will be redirected to the relevant officials at the mentioned terminal. This sets a general alert and it also makes claiming of the baggage easier. The "left baggage" office at Paddington station also collects property lost while getting to and from Heathrow.

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