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Taxi from London Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow is one the world’s busiest airports serving over 200 destinations across the globe. It caters to the travel needs of millions of passengers every year. Heathrow consists of four passenger terminals and one cargo terminal.

The terminal 3 of the Heathrow was opened in the year 1961 and was initially called the Oceanic terminal. It was however renamed in the year 1968 and today it is called the Terminal 3 that serves over 26 airlines and about 15 million passengers every year. The terminal mainly serves the American and Asian destinations and British Airways operates a large number of flights from this terminal. Other airlines that use this terminal are the Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and the Delta Airlines.

Terminal 3 has three major lounges that are majorly popular among business travellers. The Galleries Club Lounge, Galleries First Lounge and Elemis Travel Spa and the American Airlines Arrivals Lounge. All lounges have luxurious settings that are considered the most sophisticated to unwind before or after a long haul flight. Apart from this luxury zone, all parts of the airport have key facilities such as restrooms, disabled toilets, prayer rooms, infant rooms, payphones, currency exchange kiosks and ATMs.

If you are looking for airport terminal transfers in the Heathrow, then there is the free Heathrow Express service that connects all terminals regularly. For instance if you are looking for Heathrow airport terminal 5 transfers to T3, all you have to do is hail the Heathrow Express from the basement and you will be in T3 in few minutes.

For passengers who pre book minicab from terminal 3 to any part of London, all that you have to do is walk out of the baggage claim area and your chauffeur will be waiting with the placard. Minicab drivers are friendly, warm and will also assist you with your luggage. When you book your Heathrow airport Minicab for any terminal, there are a number of great facilities that you can avail like the free flight monitoring service, nominal rate with no hidden costs and the comfort of travelling a well maintained vehicle into the beautiful city of London.

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