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Weather in London England

A slight drizzle, the sun’s rays through the cloud and then the chill wind sweeping through the atmosphere, no we are not talking about the different seasons in London. All this and more can happen in just a single day in London. To start with, the weather in London is very sporadic and calls for being prepared every other day. However the place experiences four beautiful seasons and the weather plays a key role in adding the colour to every season. In general the climate in London is temperate with no extreme conditions.

Autumn is the wettest season in London and extends from September to November. As Londoners say goodbye to the busy summer, autumn begins on a rather milder note. The months of September and October experience mild days and chill nights. Rain may come down till it is almost flooded or just surprise the inhabitants now and then for a few minutes.

Winter starts late in November and extends up to early March. However the peak is experience during the months of December and January. Winter days are cold and grey with an occasional shine from the sun. Days are short and cold while nights are longer and colder. It is probably not the best season to sightsee in London. But however the festivities of the season make it more colourful and lively. Snowfall does happen in London almost every year. Icy patches along rail lines and airports affect transport systems to a great extent. The weather begins to clear out late in January however snow may still be witnessed in the months of February and March.

London experiences a brief spring from late March to May before the most awaited summer starts. During spring the days are longer and Londoners begin to witness a clearer sky and the best of sun’s rays. During the later days of March and in April the first buds begin to bloom. London starts to look better washing out all the grey from the winter.

With June comes the most awaited summer days in London and lasts till about August. Summer in London is a treat to both Londoners as well as tourists. The city bustles with activities such as street festivals, colourful carnivals, summer sales and a number of outdoor activities. It is the most suitable season for some fun activities like kayaking, bird watching, swimming, cycling, and walking tours and barbeques. The summer days are clear, warm and temperatures reach up to 28C degrees. However, rainfall is not spared during summers too. A sunny day in London can suddenly turn grey and rain may pelt down spoiling all your plans.

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