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Best Time to Book Flights for Cheap Travel

Dozens of theories revolve around the single concept of "ideal time to purchase air tickets". A recent research in the United States has proved that weekends are the best time to purchase air tickets.

For a very long time Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday early mornings were believed to be the best time to grab good deals in airfares. This is because airline providers release new offer deals by Monday evening and the competitors rush closely behind to outrun the race by offering better than the best.

The A&M University in Texas has recently established that weekends are actually the best time to book your flights. Airline companies are more likely to reduce air fares on weekends to attract leisure customers.

The research deduced that tickets bought on Saturdays and Sundays were almost 5 percent cheaper than the same tickets bought during the weekdays. Another key observation made during the study was that price fluctuations was observed only to destinations that offered a mixture of both leisure activities and business settings.

For instance, a place like London that has thousands of business travellers and tourists travelling in and out every day showed higher prices during the weekdays that during weekends. For places like the Macau, where the primary reason for visit is leisure, prices don't change much through the week.

This new theory of purchasing air tickets during the weekend is supported by another study by the Wall Street Journal. The business magazine has indicated that passengers can save almost 60 US dollars while purchasing air tickets on Sunday rather than on a Tuesday.

The reality however is never strongly inclined to a single theory. There are passengers who have benefited from Sunday morning purchases as well as from Tuesday evening purchases. Every myth about getting good airfare deals depends on the destination and the purpose of visit.

On a very generic note, tickets purchased much earlier to the travelling date and avoiding travelling during the peak seasons such as Christmas and New Year can save a lot of money. A thorough analysis of the prices through aggregator sites and allowing at least 20-30 days of time gap between the booking and travelling can ensure a reasonable price for the travel.

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