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Does Heathrow Airport Have Free Internet?

The need to stay online is increasing everyday among people of all age groups. Important airports across the globe are now delivering wireless connectivity to all passengers. Business travellers benefit the most from the facility as it helps them to work on the move. Leisure travellers often use the internet for entertainment purposes and to browse through vital information relating to their travel.

Heathrow is London’s most advanced airport in terms of service delivery, updated logistics and people traffic management. Let us now find out how Heathrow satisfies the internet needs of it guests.

Is wireless free at the Heathrow terminals?

The wireless internet service provider of Heathrow is the communications infrastructure provider called Arqiva. All terminals of Heathrow offer four hours of free wireless internet to all passengers. Heathrow Rewards members can avail an additional four hours of this free service. At the end of the four hours passengers are required to pay for the internet as per their use.

How to begin?

Every passenger with a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet can access the internet at Heathrow. Once the passenger opens the browser, the window prompts the user for registration. After successful registration, the user is free to start browsing, send emails or to chat using the internet. Registration marks the start of the four hours and the count is shown on the main browser window.

Are there any limitations?

Voice calls using messenger services like Skype, Yahoo and so on can be chargeable. It is also recommended to keep file sizes below 10 MB to avoid being charged extra.

What is the cost of wireless internet at Heathrow?

Cost of the first additional hour of wireless connectivity is 3 pounds. Frequent travellers can take up the yearly package which costs 130 pounds. Payment is made through PayPal or by using credit cards. In both cases an automatic e-receipt is sent to your email address.

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